As I write this blog, I am thinking back to this day two weeks ago. It was the day that we finished the River Severn Adventure.

Two weeks on and I’m now only starting to get back to normality, in terms of routine, energy levels and training. I took seven days off from training after I was finished with the River Severn.

My first return to my swimming pool in Penarth Leisure Centre was quite a shock. Once I pushed off the wall for the first time in about a month, my body was doing strange things in the water. This is quite common when you do a lot of wetsuit swimming. I felt like I was going to crash into everyone in my lane. That sense of freedom I had while swimming down the River Severn was greatly missed. I felt restricted in my movements. My flip turns were terrible and I couldn’t get into a streamlined position as I pushed off the wall as my back, chest and shoulders were so tight from swimming 240km in 13 days down the River Severn.

A week on and I’m feeling like my swimming is getting back to normal. I train with a Finis Tempo Trainer and I’m getting back to my usual swimming speed of about 1:36/100m.  During my first session back from the River Severn, I couldn’t hold 1:42/100m for 400m intervals. It proves that if you keep swimming at a slow pace you will be a slow swimmer. This is one thing that a swim coach told me before. It’s so true! You must incorporate ‘threshold’ based training into your swimming. I explained ‘threshold’ training in a previous blog here.

I have the Long Course Weekend next Friday the 8th of July in Tenby. I will be doing the 3.8km swim, which should feel like a sprint. There will be swimmers there holding 1:10/100m. They will make me feel like a right ole tortoise. I’m an endurance monkey, not a speed merchant. It will be great fun though.

Also, I have fully committed to the Swimming Across Scotland adventure, which I was planning before I even started the River Severn Adventure. You can read all about this adventure here.

Lastly, a lot of people have asked me what tricks and routines I use for wild endurance swimming. In the coming weeks I will write short blogs detailing everything I done during the trip that made my swimming easier. Stuff like swimming gear, nutrition for endurance swims, chaffing prevention, ear ache prevention, injury prevention, and some trains of thoughts I use during very tough endurance swims.

Aftermath of River Severn Adventure