Start Location: The Isle
End Location: Shrewsbury
Distance travelled: 11.14km
Exercise Duration: 4hr:06mins
GPS Track: //


That feeling of complete tiredness was back again when I woke. I was lethargic and feeling very heavy. This was becoming the norm for me in the mornings.

We left the Isle early in the morning and headed for Shrewsbury. We had been living in the sticks for the last few days. I thought I’d never say it, but I was glad to be heading back to civilisation again. We were all quite excited about heading to Shrewsbury.

We were making quite good progress down the river. It was one of the nicest swims of the trip. About halfway through I started to feel cold. This was the first time that I was feeling cold in the water during this adventure. It’s a terrible feeling, as you just feel like a ticking time bomb. That feeling of exercising and getting colder is both horrible and worrying. We brought no hot drinks with us on the water, as the weather in the days prior had been scorching. Bit foolish, looking back.

We were greeted by Charlie’s friend on the water about two thirds of the way in. His name was Joel and he was using a sport SUP (very fancy). In fairness to Joel, he had paddled an hour upstream to meet us, and that extra company on the water was great to have.

I was getting quite cold at this stage, so I shifted gear into about 4th and took off. While swimming at a fast pace is great, it’s easy to get carried away with it and forget about the days ahead. But I was too cold! “Whatever shape my body is in tomorrow, I’ll deal with it then”.

We were going under some fantastic bridges in Shrewsbury and the riverbanks were full of willow tress draping into the River Severn. It was frustrating to be spending half my time with my head stuck in the murky waters of the Severn. Every now and again I would take a look around at the magnificent scenary. There were loads of public parks and playgrounds in our sight, and people just seemed to be having a great time.

We reached the Old English Bridge in Shrewsbury, which was where we had planned to stop for the evening. I asked Patch what the distance was, as it didn’t feel like we had done much today. He said “11km”. I was sickened! This just isn’t the mileage I had planned on doing everyday. We had been restricted by thunder storms that were scheduled to arrive at 2pm.

Ross O Sullivan River Severn Swim

So out we went and had no where to stay for the night. We luckily met a lady called Jill, who kindly told us that we could pitch our tents at there house for the evening. This was a lucky break. We walked about 20 minutes with four of us carrying two heavy SUP’s, in order to get to her house.

We finished off the evening by going out for a great meal in Shrewsbury, to celebrate hitting the first big town and Caitrionas birthday again. We had another great day, and bedded down, knowing that we were up at 5:30am to start Day 8.

Ross O Sullivan River Severn Swim

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Day 7 – River Severn Adventure
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