Start Location: Atcham
End Location: Jackfield
Distance travelled: 22.45km
Exercise Duration: 7hr:15mins
GPS Track: //


Another rude 5:30 alarm clock went off. I was getting a bit snappy in the morning for some bizarre reason. I think the stresses of carrying out an adventure like this played its part. I tried to keep my crankiness to myself for most of the time.

Caitriona made us pancakes and scramble eggs for the first time on this trip and they went down like a treat. We stayed in such a nice location, and it was probably the best so far to be honest. Tom and Sara were incredibly kind to us. They left us sleep on there riverbank garden for the night. To wake up in the morning and be able to watch and hear it flowing, is simply remarkable, and made me very jealous of their house.

They had been so kind to us and we all got on so well. They had fantastic kids and one of the cutest 9-week old Saint Bernard.

Patch kindly offered to bring there little daughter, Isabella, on the standup paddle board in the morning. This was one of my aims of the trip, was to get people involved, and Patch certainly done this. He paddled her around for a bit, while Charlie and Started at 7am and bombed ahead.


We knew that we had a massive day aged of us. We planned on from Atcham to Ironbridge. This was about 23km away and would be our biggest trip in the river to date. Once again we had no place to stay in Ironbridge, but just had to keep moving forward.

As we were going down the river, Caitriona was on door knocking duties in Ironbridge. I felt for Caitriona, she had been surrounded by stress for the entire trip. At least Charlie, Patch and I, could have some fun on the river for seven hours a day. But Caitriona jumped from a stressful campsite, to a stuffed car, to knocking on strangers doors, to cooking dinner, to setting up camp, and so on, everyday. She had been doing such a great job.


We were making the best progress on the trip so far. We were travelling nearly 4km per hour, which was great. We done about 9km in what felt like a blink of an eye.

At about the 11km mark, Charlie joined me for a swim. She had never been openwater swimming before, so she was both nervous an excited about the prospects. She started off and I was like “she can swim really well”. I knew that Charlie certainly wasn’t going to slow me down. She done about 3km with me and she was the first person to join me for a swim. It was a great feeling having someone else to swim with. She absolutely loved it.

We were heading towards Ironbridge and Caitriona rang us to say she had sorted a place to stay. But it was down past the iconic Ironbridge, and located in the riverbank just past Jackfield bridge. We went under Ironbridge and it was a sight to be remembered. It’s such an iconic bridge and we say with the best possible view.


We pushed on to Jackfield bridge, which is located just before Jackfield Rapids (which are the biggest Rapids on the River Severn). We pulled up outside Emma and Tom’s house, who had kindly allowed us to sleep on their garden, which is about 3m from the riverbank.

Tom and Emma were so kind to us this evening, they even paid for an Indian takeaway for us. Zengh Indian restaurant kindly provided my dinner free of charge, which I very kind.

We all sat down on their picnic table in the garden. This was right next to the riverbank and we all ate beautiful and shared interesting stories. Emma and Tom, your kindness is admirable. Thanks so much.

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Day 9 – River Severn Adventure
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