Normally on a bank holiday Monday, I would be down on a nice sandy beach in South Wales taking it easy. But this one is different. I have been franticly packing and organising everything for this trip. I am nearly there now though, I think. The start date is only two days away now, and I cannot wait to get dropped off near the source of the River Severn early Wednesday morning, to begin this adventure.

  • Ross O' Sullivan - River Severn Swim
    What a beautiful river

My last openwater swim was yesterday afternoon in Gloucester. Where we went for an amazing 11km swim in the River Severn. The sun was shining, and the heat was extraordinary. I even had the sun-cream out for my pasty Irish skin.

Few Details:

During the course of the River Severn Swim, we will be uploading a daily video. The main aim of these videos will be to:

  • Increase fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease
  • Promote Wild Swimming in the UK
  • Showcase the beauty of the River Severn
  • Inspire people to get outdoors
  • Motivate people to undertake their own personal challenges
  • Document the adventure
  • Put a few smiles on peoples faces in the process

GPS Track:
At the beginning of each day, I will upload our latest location via my Garmin Connect account. On this page you can view each days movements i.e. GPS path, distance travelled etc…
Note: This does not have live tracking.

Contacting Us:
Please do not hesitate to contact us during this trip at any time. I may be in the water, fending off a few 2m conger eels at the time of the message, but my wonderful fiance will message you back as soon as she can. Certainly give me a shout if you want to join me for a swim, paddle or have some form of cake that you need to get rid of.

Charity Donations:
I will be raising money for Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA) during my the River Severn Swim. There are a couple of easy ways to donate.

1. Online Method:
Visit my ‘Just Giving‘ page and donate via the web

2. Text Method:
Text the following: (Note – This only works for people within the UK)

Text Just Giving

It is really simply to donate and I would appreciate any donations made.

Finally, please consider hitting the ‘SHARE’ button, as it helps get the word out.

River Severn Swim – 2 Days to Go